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"Ueno Panda"


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This fuzzy Nike Dunk High Premium was inspired by a giant panda residing at Tokyo’s Ueno Park, hence its nickname, Ueno Panda. Like other Dunks to carry the name, it has a mostly two-tone build of white and black, colours which both appear on its durable rubber cupsole. The former lands on the outsole, where it moves from the concentric rings below the forefoot, through the branded central indentation to the lugs that loop around beneath the heel. Meanwhile, black coats the foam-filled midsole, bringing comfort to complement the support offered by the outsole.

The upper is blanketed with a white base layer made of faux fur to represent the shaggy coat of its mammalian namesake. This can be seen across the toe box, the midfoot panels and the collar, while the rear overlay also comes in this cosy material. The forefoot overlay and eyestay, on the other hand, feature a similarly bushy exterior, though this time in black. Deviating from this plushy covering is the black leather pull tab in the centre of the heel and the two swooshes that arc away from it down the flanks. These are made of black leather as well, bringing a certain sleekness to the sidewalls.

Everything is held together with carefully sewn lines of stitching, most of which occur in double lines around the edges of the overlays, though some are held down by single lines only. Four additional parallel bands curve from one side of the heel to the other, creating an intriguing pattern amongst the hairy material around it. Above this, the topline is black, as are the inner walls, but the insole has been decorated with a colourful graphic that represents the layout of Ueno Park. The words “Ueno Okachimachi” – the name of a nearby subway station that serves the park – have been printed upon its surface in white. Back on the outer, the black tongue hosts a black label with white Ueno text written in dynamic calligraphy across its centre, thus completing this unique Dunk design.

  • Gender Men / Women
  • Brand Nike
  • Collection Dunk
  • Style High
  • Version Panda
  • Stylecode 323955-101

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