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    About us

    Sportshowroom presents a complete range of webshops, knowledge and inspiration. In 2015—in the centre of Amsterdam—the tech company was founded by the brothers Ramon and Francisco. Quality has set out the basis for this endeavour. The site currently has more than 50 high-end webshops, 25 premium sports brands and an average of 10,000 visitors per month. All partners are selected with the highest care on the grounds of Sportshowroom's guidelines.

    Sporter's home

    Two brothers. Two athletes. A few years ago, Ramon and Francisco came up with the idea to develop a trustful search engine for all sports enthusiasts in the Netherlands. A tool to find what you’re looking for as easy as ABC and at the same time creating a place where you'd feel home as a sporter. Together with a developer and an entire team, Sportshowroom has been putting this idea into action, focusing on the ideal User Experience. How do you optimize filters for smooth mobile and desktop navigation? What stories contribute to a shoe? When is a brand premium? Everyday, Sportshowroom is refining the details.

    'Sporty elegance'

    Sport shoes and sneakers in their ultimate form. Sportshowroom goes for 'sporty elegance'. The site combines features and layouts of designer brands with presentations of premium sports brands, such as Nike, adidas and PUMA. Adding a beautiful and simplistic design to this creative merge created the formula: sport + style = Sportshowroom.


    It's official. At the beginning of 2019, Sportshowroom expanded to Germany. With the right techniques and the right people, the company has seen an innovative way to go international. Other countries that already have been confirmed are Brazil, Chile, Germany, France, Italy, Mexico, Poland and Spain. Now, Sportshowroom is looking forward to the next step: inspiring the world with sport shoes and sneakers.

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